visitas guiadas con gastronomía en Llanes, Asturias

Do you want to get to know a family run cider press and an apple orchard?

Surrounded by stunning views where tradition, nature and culture are combined we will find a traditional cider press. We will discover what is the traditional apple orchard, the variety of apples planted, how the seasons go by and how the sleepy press transforms these apples into our drink of excellence Cider. Of course we will […]

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A visit to the sea, history and gastronomy

What will we see on our visit? We will take a walk around one of the most beautiful areas in Llanes. The smallest secret beach in the world, a peculiarly secret monastery situated next to a stunningly long beach with views, that will feed your appetite, leading us on to taste one of the most prominent dishes […]

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The history of the “Indianos”

Guided visit through Llanes to see the most impressive Indianos houses. Traveling through the town we get find out about all those Llaniscans who emigrated the America, to then return with their fortunes made to go on to build some of the most beautiful homes the “Casas Indianas”. Their stories will take us back in time. Why […]

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