Guided Tours

Taking into account the landscape where we are situated, and taking advantage of its unique natural beauty, ethnography and architecture is the ideal place to get to know all its secrets at the hand of an Official Tourist Guide, with more than 30 beaches in Llanes, The fishing port of Lastres, the valley of Villaviciosa along the coast, meanwhile further inland to The national park of the Picos de Europa and the Sanctuary of Covadonga, being able to enjoy the local gastronomy which the area has to offer.

These guided tours can be conducted in English. French and Spanish.

Nos visites guidées sont menées en français.

Nuestras visitas guiadas se realizan en español.

Our Guided Visits:

Experiences of tourism.

The experiences of tourism will involve you emotionally, through the authentic contact with our cultural traditions, giving you stories and real life experiences at the fish market, watching the auction of the days catch and getting to know the lives of the fishermen.

From Medieval Llanes to present day and the Memory Cubes
Guided tour of the old town and the work of art by Agustín Ibarrola: The Memory Cubes. I will accompany
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The fishermen´s lives in Llanes
Guided tour to the port and the fish market. From Monday to Friday Do you want to know how the
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Colombres Indiano
Guided visit around Colombres visiting the most relevant Indiana style homes. We will get to know the small valley of
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manzanos en una casa tradicional
The mill and its surroundings
A guided tour of an old corn mill and its surroundings. We will visit an old corn mill, with its
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Lastres and The Whales
Guided tour of the Old Town. We will get to see the beautiful old port town of Lastres. We will
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The history of the “Indianos”
Guided visit through Llanes to see the most impressive Indianos houses. Traveling through the town we get find out about
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Do you want to get to know a family run cider press and an apple orchard?
Surrounded by stunning views where tradition, nature and culture are combined we will find a traditional cider press. We will
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Movie tour guide.
Guided tour of Llanes to get to know Films and series locations. You´ll get to see where the Orphanage was
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A visit to the sea, history and gastronomy
What will we see on our visit? We will take a walk around one of the most beautiful areas in
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From medieval Llanes to the present day
Guided tour of the old town. The building of the old town of Llanes takes us on a trip to
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Mysteries and legends in the cemetery.
Discover the hidden secrets kept by one of the most well known century in Llanes. The funerary architecture and design
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