The fishermen´s lives in Llanes

Guided tour to the port and the fish market.

From Monday to Friday
Do you want to know how the auctions go at the fish market? We will show you how the catch is auctioned as the fishermen unload their carga. Get a real life insight into the fishermen´s lives and memories of Llanes through their history, from whale hunting, the keys to the main door of the medical town or the mysterious story of “The Kraken”.

Weekends and public holidays
The memory of the Llaniscan fishermen can be seen on this route through their history, whale hunting, the keys to the medieval town or the mysterious life of the kraken, To end we will discover some of our heritage, ethnographical and even pre-historic stories which are reflected in the art works of the artist Ibarrola in the Memory Cubes in the port of Llanes.

Length of the tour: 1,30 hour
Individual price: 20€/per person

Why count on a guided tour?
I want to be able to transmit our history, what our area is like nowadays and in the past, our traditions, our culture, interests, landscapes and people which are influenced by our surroundings, which make us different. To be able to transmit this in an enjoyable way by someone from the area.

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