From Medieval Llanes to present day and the Memory Cubes

Guided tour of the old town and the work of art by Agustín Ibarrola: The Memory Cubes.
I will accompany you on a walk around the town of Llanes and mingling with the daily life and its people, the history and the customs, finishing at the port to enjoy the colorful landscaping of The Memory Cubes, which offer an interpretation of the council bourgh of Llanes from the interpretation of Ibarrola´s point of view.

Length of the tour: 1,30 hour                                                      

Individual price: 20€/ per person

Meeting point: Sablón beach (next to the Old Town) in Llanes

Accessible to all

We have group or individual prices.

Depending on the weather the tour can be made on another day.

Why count on a guided tour?
I want to be able to transmit our history, what our area is like nowadays and in the past, our traditions, our culture, interests, landscapes and people which are influenced by our surroundings, which make us different. To be able to transmit this in an enjoyable way by someone from the area.

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