The history of the “Indianos”

Guided visit through Llanes to see the most impressive Indianos houses.

Traveling through the town we get find out about all those Llaniscans who emigrated the America, to then return with their fortunes made to go on to build some of the most beautiful homes the “Casas Indianas”. Their stories will take us back in time.

Why count on a guided tour?
I want to be able to transmit our history, what our area is like nowadays and in the past, our traditions, our culture, interests, landscapes and people which are influenced by our
surroundings, which make us different. To be able to transmit this in an enjoyable way by someone from the area.
* Length of the tour: 1,30 hour
* Individual price: 20€/per person

Children prices: check rates
Accessible to all
We have group or individual prices.
Depending on the weather the tour can be made on another day.

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